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ASKIT is a complete COMPUTER/ICT EDUCATION service outfit that is structured to equipping students in the Nursery and Primary classes with the accurate ICT knowledge and skills needed to thrive in a technology-driven environment. It comprises of Curriculum-integrated ICT education content that provides pupils with computer technology skills within the context of their curriculum.

We apply well established current techniques and technologies to impact knowledge to the students we teach. Also, the use of interactive multimedia reinforces our key learning materials and creates an interesting learning experience.

We strongly believe that for learning to be effective, the learner must view the learning as simple, meaningful and relevant.
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Thus, our books are designed with simplicity of language which makes it appealing to the minds of both pupils and their instructors. The colorful graphics used to illustrate the points makes it an indispensable tool for schools and corporate organizations.

In addition to these, learners have access to CBT (Computer Based Training) & Interactive section to enhance their understanding in addition to the classroom sessions. Our CBT consists of a well-defined set of learning objectives, a series of interactions that educated the stated above objectives and a means for evaluating whether the learning objectives have been met.

The class sessions also include full motion video and animated characters which allow learners see the steps, hear the explanations and perform the task which includes interactive Hands-On –Training exercise. It also provides pupils with opportunities to spend valuable time doing practice question prior to the real learning.

Who is Our Products for?

ASKIT Products caters for all classes from Nursery one to year six. It aims at imparting computer literacy along with the all-important skill of learning new skills to apply the learning in their immediate environment. The contents of our product is activity-involved and fun-based, making the learner enjoy the learning know-how.

Benefits for Pupils

  1. It will keep the children in trend with the latest and present day computer applications.

  2. It will encourage the children to use the computer and remove the phobia of its use in them.

  3. It will help stimulate thinking skills amongst students through activity-based programmes.

  4. It will create awareness in them that computer is a tool, just like a book or stationery, which aids learning and much more.

  5. It puts the children in a competitive edge in the ICT world.

Benefits for Teachers

Teachers will be trained on newer and exciting ways to make IT training interesting for the students.
Our teaching materials will act as constant reference for teachers.
Our CDs/DVDs are bi-functional (plays both on computer systems as interactive media and on DVD players as video clips), rent activities and teaching ideas.


 Provision of our ICT Teacher/Instructors
 Use of our ICT books with CDs
 ICT Apps
 Installation of Digital Classroom Device
 Full technical support



 Use of our ICT books with CDs
 Training of ICT Teacher


Join us to enjoy more of our Services/Technology to aid your teachings.

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